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Here are some effective methods that we at ABC Pest Control recommend to help you effectively treat bed bugs from your Blue Mountains home.

If you have any suspicions about having bed bugs in your Blue Mountains home, the best thing to do is NOT move to another bed or move to another room. The bed bugs will most likely follow you and then spread throughout your home making them even more difficult to treat.

Did you know that a bed bug can live up to 18 months without feeding?

Remember you are the bait so wherever you go the bed bugs will follow, so the best thing to get an effective bed bug treatment in the Blue Mountains area is to stay put and give ABC Pest Control a call right away.

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What can I do to help the bed bug treatment?

For an effective bed bug treatment in the Blue Mountains it’s important to first of all not try all methods of treatment yourself. Bed bugs are probably the most complicated pests to successfully treat.

If you just started spraying pesticide around your home without any prior knowledge of bed bug treatment, you may disperse the bed bugs into other locations into your home therefore spreading the infestation. This will then make it much more difficult for our bed bug controllers at ABC Pest Control and will take a lot more time to successfully treat your home.

Also it’s important to not throw out any furniture that has had bed bugs attached to it. This will only result in the bed bugs spreading throughout your home or wherever you have moved the furniture to. All infested furniture can be successfully be treated by our bed bug control experts so you don’t need to worry about that.

For an affordable, reliable and professional bed bug treatment in the Blue Mountains please call ABC Pest Control today

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